Monday, January 18, 2010

Nico is a berliner

Nico visited Berlin and now is going to Russia :)

Jeremy is back!

It seems that Jeremy is not dead after all. He's been seen in Dobrich in Bulgaria. As you can see he has been in great danger almost eaten by cat.

Polina rocking the word :)

Our tiny Polina has made quiet a journey! She started of in London than she's been in Nottingham, London again and finally landed in Moscow. Thats a long journey!!! I hope to hear from her again soon :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jeremy's last photo shoot RIP

I think Jeremy is dead :( The last time he was seen was In Stockholm In a bar. Decent looking waitress took him and promised to take a good care of him and since that time I haven’t heard from him . Here are last pictures from his journey.

Josie if fine :)

It has been a while since I’ve wrote anything here, but no one had e-mailed me!!! I’ve got some pictures from Josie and Jeremy, but I’ve been simply to lazy to post them! But today I realized that a few messages landed up in my spam box for some bizarre reason! Josie is alive and she was taken by train through the Chilterns and mid Wales via Shrewsbury, along the north west Wales coast to Harlech in Gwynedd where I walked on the beach and did the pub quiz now he is back in London again. I’m very happy to hear that she is fine. Here are some pictures from JOsie’s first journey. I love one from the museum of transport :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

international affairs...

Star is in NEW ZEALANDS!! I know is sooooo far a way. She send me a really pretty picture.

Josie is a writer!

It seems one of my Birds has a real writing talent check out Josie's e-mail:

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request. I'm afraid the person you
gave me to is leading a fairly hectic and boring existence right now, and he
tends to keep me in a cage (his wallet).

He lives in Camden Town which is quite trendy, but he doesn't make full use
of the opportunities on offer.

So far, I have just been travelling between Camden Town and Northwick Park ­
via the Northern Line and The Metropolitan Line on the underground. For some
strange reason he/we make the journey by tube in the morning, and on the
return journey he/we get off at Euston Square where we then take a bus to
Mornington Crescent. There are four buses to choose from: 24, 29, 88 or 134.
(what's that about?).

Did have a bit of excitement last Friday though. We didn't travel to uni,
but went to:

A number of bookshops in the Charing Cross Road ­ Borders (purchased a copy
of IdN magazine) / Foyles / Koenig Books (purchased copies of The Circle,
The Triangle, and The Square all by some bloke by the name of Bruno Munari)
/ and MAGMA round the corner from Cambridge Circus.

From there we walked towards Covent Garden (now we're getting somewhere),
but, oh no, he checks his watch and decides he has more time to kill. We
then dive into another book shop called Stanfords on Long Acre. This one is
full of books on travel, and has a vast selection of maps and globes. He
buy's another book ­ Graphic Europe an alternative guide to 31 European
cities. (Looks like we're finally going to do a bit of serious travel). Then
he takes out his camera and starts photographing the floor ­ all three of
them (what's that about?).

We finally end up in the London Transport Museum which is full of stuff to
do with travel, but again, we don't actually go anywhere. Needless to say we
visit the book shop, buy some posters and, he takes more photographs.

I' afraid to say, it appears that you have given me to a book collecting
train spotter.

I hope he does as requested, and passes me on to a friend. But you never
know, he may have plans for Christmas.

Bye for now, Josie (and Colin)